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The Age of Dis-Consent

The Age of Dis-Consent

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 Two Books = 112 happy children

Iíve previously mentioned on this blog that Bruce Comstock and Terry Fitzgerald bought copies of the special edition of A Killing Smile. The proceeds of both sales have been used to buy clothing and supplies for the children who live at Home Hak. In the photograph below you can see the fifty sweaters, other clothing, lotion, soap, skin cream, etc. which we bought with the money. The shipment will go out this week by overnight bus. Thanks once more to Bruce and Terry.



Hereís more information about the people who operate Home Hak. Suthasinee Noiin has been the driving force, working as an independent social worker for over 30 years. She's established her Home Hak (which means "Love Center" in Isan) over 20 years ago. It received support from Japanese Embassy (to build the building for the kids) 7 years ago (the support has long finished). The lady is known as Mae Tiew. She is not doing so well now. In fact, sheís dying of cancer.

The Suthasinee Foundation now has 17 social workers. She remains the chairman but after she has passed on, the same set of people will continue to work there and the kids will remain there with the center (but they will leave when they turn 18). The foundation relies solely on private donations.

The foundation relies on private donations. Their expenses are so large that they don't have enough money. Now that Suthasinee Noiinís dying, how well the center will continue to be run, given they don't have a sympathetic figure like her to draw public sympathy, is an open question.


You donít have to buy a book to help. You can do so directly.

Cash donations can be made to one of the foundation accounts (for my record):
Siam Commercial Bank, Yasothorn Branch
A/C Name: Suthasinee Noiin Foundation for Children and Youth
A/C No.: 561-2-21187-7
Thai Military Bank, Yasothorn Branch
A/C Name: Suthasinee Noiin Foundation for Children and Youth
A/C No.: 437-2-13090-8

Any transfer made should be notified by fax: +66-(0)45-722-241.

The Home Hak orphanage address:
Suthasinee Noiin Foundation for Children and Youth (Baan Home Hak)
No. 3 Moo 12, Baan Pracha Sawan
Tadthong District, Muang, Yasothorn 35000


Posted: 12/8/2008 5:03:28 AM 


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