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The Age of Dis-Consent

The Age of Dis-Consent

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 Bangkok Dangerous and A Haunting Smile

The Nick Cage action film Bangkok Dangerous has opened to good reviews in the United States. The New Yorker  liked it as well. Next week the film will open in Bangkok. My friend Jim Newport, who is the guy responsible for the great sets in the film, invited me out to the set during the production of the film. The bell tower in Prague was recreated on a vast sound stage in Bangkok. I had a chance to see the scene unfold one evening.



I have another connection with the film. One of my books appears in several shots.

The basic story is Nick Cage comes to Bangkok as a hitman with a mission.

In one scene, Cage is cleaning his handgun, in advance of action.

If you look carefully in the lower right hand corner you will see a copy of A Haunting Smile.

I have it on good authority that Nick Cage picked that book to be in the shot.

It is unclear whether he knew that A Haunting Smile was set in Bangkok during the 1992 coup. Bangkok Dangerous was shot as the 2006 coup unfolded, and has been released in 2008 as demonstrators have taken over Government House in an attempt to force out the government elected late last year. Having A Haunting Smile in the shot is appropriate for a gunman on his way to carry out a mission.


The screen time will be about the same as my one time part in a TV movie called Covert Action. If you blinked, you would have missed me. Even if you don't blink, it is likely you won't pick out the book on the hitman's table.


Posted: 9/5/2008 12:44:22 AM 


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