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Great essay and a clever link to Galileo's case study. Hard to imagine so many people employed in 'propaganda' work, although China being the new age superpower, I guess its a logical step in the control process. That is in itself quite fearful. I like the link to the the power of the Catholic Church as well. For many years there have been hundreds of lawsuits and criminal cases involving allegations of child abuse by members of the Australian clergy. Australia is not alone. Its a common theme all over the world and the response has always been the same; deny the allegation, move the priest to another town, ostracise or threaten the victim and their families, and pump millions into the election campaigns of all the major political parties. 2013 is a Federal election year in Australia, so in announcing the Royal Commission, so many people were surprised when the PM here finally announced a Royal Commission into Child Abuse by members of the clergy. Within days of the announcement thousands victims come forward and said that they would testify. The Church hierarchy is in damage control mode, offering up a few sacrificial 'heads' to appear cooperative and maintain its reputation / power, enlisting pop stars who learnt to sing in church to defend them in the press, and admitting 'problems' in the past, but denying anything current. The clergy has a strong power base, and isn't usually afraid to hide its influence over our political structure, dominating the stance of our leaders on issues such as abortion, birth control, same sex marriage and hate crime. But the abuse of children and the Royal Commission has them re-thinking their use of fear. It can be found in the fine print. The terms of reference for the Royal Commission are broad and vague, no doubt they have been drafted with close 'consultation' with the clergy to prevent a withdrawal of campaign funds. In this instance the use of fear and influence is subtle and hidden from the public eye. They appear to cooperate and support the Royal Commission, because they helped design it in the first place. As an amusing sideline, our Chief Cardinal was quizzed recently about his position on the issue of global warming, to which he replied: "I can't really comment on that until I see some solid scientific evidence and proof that it is real." A cheeky news reporter quickly replied: "Funny you should say Cardinal, because that's how most of us feel about GOD!!!"

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