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Comments: Making A New Thai Movie: A Messy Script War


dear chris, i have worked on shows that have had brilliant scripts, only to fall victim to a director who didnt get it. also worked on shows written and directed by the same person,only to fall victim to an editior. and there is that pesky distribution/advertising thing. it dosent matter because if you open against"shrek", no one will see it. The idea is to provide escapism.Profitable shows have a nice tidy ending,without it you have a documentary. It's the movie"business" Be extremely careful choosing a director ,because he will bring his own editor. at sundance,the m/o is to get 2-3 studios together,drag the wide eyed director into the theater restroom ( during his screening)create a small bidding war( what would you do if someone offered you 3musd. for a show?) only to charge the poor kid 2.5m to "polish"the movie in house (think fox,paramount,universal,sound stages and editing rooms at scale) only to be left with nothing. This happens at every festival. all the major studios have these jackals and smaller companies just for this purpose. If it sounds to good to be true ,it is. I know movies,like you know BKK.Please ask any question that comes to mind. Cheers, rON

From: ron fremstad Posted: 6/7/2010 12:07:00 PM



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