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Blog Archive December 2010

Fortune Tellers and Tsunamis

Over the weekend a well-known Thai fortune-teller predicted that Andaman coastal provinces will be hit by a tsunami on Thursday (30 December 2010). The Bangkok Post reported that some tourists reportedly canceled hotel bookings as a result. In Thailand, people take astrology and fortune telling as seriously as Americans who believe, based on the bible, that the earth was created 10,000 years ago. Well we all know the earth was created at least 15,000 years ago so we can dismiss the contrary view. As for going up against the received wisdom of fortune-tellers, what is Thai government going to do when a seer predicts gloom and doom at a major tourist spot at the height of the tourist season? After all, almost everyone in the government wears amulets, visits fortune-tellers to consult for the most auspicious time to call an election, open Parliament, get married, get divorced, and that is just the beginning.

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Posted: 12/30/2010 8:04:53 PM 


The Cursed Day in a Thai Dogís life

Crime fiction pulls back the sheet and looks at the bodies. People commit acts of violence against each other. Government commits acts of violence against people. The occasional shark eats a person, or a grizzly does. But the large scheme of violence, such incidents are rounding off error compared to human against human carnage. When it comes to violence against other species, most cultures draw distinctions between a gold fish and a dog. You wonít likely win any hero awards for flushing your gold fish down the toilet, but intentionally killing a dog is an order of different magnitude.

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Posted: 12/23/2010 9:23:58 PM 


My review of Walt Whitman's Secret

My review of Walt Whitman's Secret by George Fetherling has been published by Evergreen Review.

Posted: 12/22/2010 12:03:11 AM 



We are a map drawing species. To get from A to B in a strange land requires a map, a local guide, or the investment of considerable patience and trial and error. Maps have long been part of our world. And maps are a medium in themselves; classifications, terrain, and borders. We are familiar with such geographical maps. The map we talk less about is the map that charts violence, danger and instability. Most of us try not to stumble into the middle of a civil war when our attention is to sign on for a holiday.

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Posted: 12/16/2010 11:57:46 PM 


BOOK SIGNING at Texas Lone Star Saloon

At Texas Lone Star Saloon
Saturday December 18, 2010: 13.00 - 17.00 Hrs.
Mark your Calendar!

Get your own signed collectorís copy of Father, I Have Sinned, first printing, by James Aaron Parmelee. Just stop by the Texas Lone Star Saloon in Washington Square, Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok, and enjoy a beer or four (while getting your book signed, of course!) in the friendly ambience ofTexas Lone Star Saloon, where the drinks are cheap, the girls are friendly, the food is good, and foreigners are appreciated! 

Donít know where it is? Okay, hereís a link to the exact address, with a brief description of the place and a map, so you canít miss it: The Texas Lone Star  location.

Posted: 12/12/2010 7:55:20 PM 


The WIKILEAKS Transparency Ė Secrecy Paradox

There is a general feeling that transparency is inevitably good and that secrecy, if not bad, leads to a dark road where evil acts are buried among the flower gardens. We believe that what distinguishes a totalitarian society from a democratic one is that the former has a political elite that largely sustains its power through secrecy and public relations. Democracy, so the theory goes, is superior because openness allows citizens to judge the actions of those representing their interest.

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Posted: 12/9/2010 7:25:57 PM 


SECRETS IN A TIME OF REALITY SHOWS: Wikileaks becomes A Global Face Busters

The release by Wikileaks of hundreds of thousands of classified US documents has been in the news around the world. It is as if 300 Pulitzer prize winning investigating journalists dumped their story onto the Net on the same day. This is dizzy making, laugh in your hand, howl at the moon stuff. It seems every country waits its turn to see what the Americans really think about them, and what cartoon characters will be drawn upon by embassy staff to characterize local politicians and leaders.

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Posted: 12/2/2010 11:19:19 PM 



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