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The Enigma of Emotions, The time before AI is emotionally enabled, is a short essay about whether AI will become emotionally enabled in the near future. It was sparked by an opinion piece in the New York Times suggesting that at least we will always have our emotions and no AI/machine intelligence can match them. May be. May be not.

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Recent Amazon Reader Reviews:

Amazon Customer "Bike Rider" reviewed Crackdown (Vincent Calvino Crime Novel Book 15)
Four Stars - September 8, 2015
I live in Bangkok and Moore depicts life since the coup and the Thai culture extremely well!!

Gi Won Post reviewed Spirit House: A Vincent Calvino Crime Novel (Vincent Calvino Novel)
I liked the integrity of Vincent and Pratt, but too gruesome for my stomach. I knew places in Bangkok since I lived BKK a long- September 5, 2015
Well written book for the sake of integrity and loyalty, but too gruesome at times. It was fun to remember places of BKK I knew, but never have been exposed to night life. Even as a fiction it was eye opening that might exists in BKK. Enjoyed!!!

Dharma Bum reviewed God of Darkness
Christopher G. Moore is the real deal - August 21, 2015
Aside from writing some very good crime novels, Christopher G. Moore shows some real insight into interpersonal relationships, power, family, loyalty and, strangely, the disciplined schedule of a masturbating monkey. It's astounding that this is one of his very early works. He only gets better over time.

HRS reviewed Crackdown (Vincent Calvino Crime Novel Book 15)
Another great Vincent Calvino novel! - August 13, 2015
I eagerly wait for new Vincent Calvino books. This one did not disappoint. I particularly enjoy the way history and contemporary culture are linked in telling an exciting story that reveals so much about Thailand.

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Vincent Calvino's World
by Chad A. Evans


15th in Vincent Calvino series


The Age of Dis-Consent


Videos and Documentaries:

Vincent Calvino – The Bangkok, Thailand Based P.I. Created by Christopher G. Moore, April 11, 2012

Hardboiled Bangkok


Literary Awards

Asia Hand, the second book in the Vincent Calvino private eye series, had won the Shamus Award in the Best Paperback Original category for the Shamus Awards. The Shamus Awards are sponsored annually by the Private Eye Writers of America.

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Latest Release

Crackdown (15th in Vincent Calvino series)

In Crackdown visual art becomes a powerful take down tool to push back against the oligarchs. People adjust to the surveillance state and its agents who are emergent forces.




Author Christopher G. Moore evolves with Bangkok

During Thailand’s 2006 coup, dead bodies lay in Rama IV Road in Bangkok, right outside the swank apartment of Christopher G. Moore, one of Canada’s most famous expat writers. The next coup, in May 2014, didn’t affect him in such a direct and gruesome way, but the worsening repression under the current military government is certainly changing his writing.

Moore, who once taught condo law at UBC, has lived in Southeast Asia for 30 years and during that period has published 30-plus books. Fifteen of them have been police procedurals featuring his fictional creation Vincent Calvino, a disbarred lawyer turned PI, a character who’s especially popular with readers across East Asia and Western Europe.

Read more: http://www.straight.com/life/515331/author-christopher-g-moore-evolves-bangkok


 Latest Books

      Fear and Loathing in Bangkok     The Marriage Tree


 The Vincent Calvino Series

Missing In Rangoon     9 Gold Bullets     The Corruptionist      Paying Back Jack

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